Juno the Game cada día mas hype

Se acuerdan del juego que Naughty Dog mostró en los VGA’s 2011… pues bien, el proyecto The Last of Us sigue vivió, y ahora un corto trailer nos recuerda que el próximo E3 podríamos ver mucho mas de este misterioso juego. Antes eran solo monstruos, pero ahora queda claro que también habrán personas en este mundo post-apocalíptico o whatever.

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Troopers, I just received new orders. Our superiors say the war is cancelled. We can all go home. Bison is getting paid off for his crimes, and our friends who have died here will have died for nothing. But, we can all go home. Meanwhile, ideals like peace, freedom, and justice, they get packed up. But, we can all go home. Well, I'm not going home. I'm gonna get on my boat, and I'm going up river, and I'm going to kick that son of a bitch Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe be is gonna feel it! Now, who wants to go home... and who wants to go with me?

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